You got where you are today through independence, and you can choose any wealth advisor you like. The best reason to choose Prairie Wealth Advisors is that we are as independent as you are. We have the freedom to focus on your story, not ours. Prairie Wealth Advisors is structured to support our clients’ financial goals first, so we can act in their best interests.

We are a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)—a fiduciary with a high level of trust, good faith and legal responsibility to those we serve. We take this responsibility seriously. It is woven deeply into our mission and values.

“Our only agenda is your success. Our only goal is the quest to positively impact the destiny of the clients and businesses we serve. It’s why people choose us and why they stay with us.”
~ Craig Hundt, Sr., Prairie Wealth Advisors President


First and foremost, we have a fiduciary duty to act in your best interests. We link compensation directly to the growth of your assets. RIAs provide access to a wide universe of products and services. We collaborate with other professionals, such as CPAs and attorneys to provide seamless tax planning, estate planning, money management and more. This helps us design a comprehensive plan just for you—for the long term.

  • Get objective, unbiased advice based on what’s best for you
  • Understand exactly what you’re paying for
  • Benefit from a personal approach with your values and goals as the focus
  • Enjoy a different kind of working relationship
  • Work with advisors who are hardworking, personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy and approachable.